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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting huge !!! Biggest I've ever been !! Worship my huge biceps !!!

Growing like crazy , eating like crazy !! Follow my progress , subscribe and check out my vids on my store and blog . Camshows and custom vids at the contacts below
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feeding the belly #21 - Huge Burger - Record Bloat !!! Get the full video

Episode #21 of the Feeding the belly series presents a really awesome belly stuffing with a huge burger I made myself , 4 lbs of food in one go , my belly ready to burst making it go above and beyond by drinking soda at the end , and boy was I bloated or what ? I messure in the full vid and you can see a record bloat , never has my belly been so beautiful and round , and bulging that much . Check out the full video and thank you for your support !!

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feeding the belly #20 - SPECIAL CONTENT !!! Get the full video

So we're at episode #20 on the feeding the belly series , it's been one hell of a ride and I enjoyed every single video I made and I hope I can delight you in the future with at least as many new videos . My contest season is over , I'm so done with diet for this year and now I'm putting a lot of size on , bulking big time , I already gained 25 lbs in just a few days after the show and I will continue to add weight like crazy and eat like a savage haha , so as the offseason has started you're see more and more regular new episodes of the series , I'm stariving for 1 every week of 2 weeks , let's hope I can keep up . So in the video I'm bloating to my limit as you will see in the full version and in the end something I never did before in the series , some hot content is in stall and with a happy end :) I can't say more , I don't wanna ruin the surprise . 36 minutes of HD content !! Enjoy

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update - Ripped to shreads 1 week out showing off flexing

1 week out from my shopw , things look awesome I couldn't feel any better , I'm big , muscles and full and dry , haven't lost strength , I'm vascular and shredded , can't wait to hit the stage !!
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Muscle Giant Master - Episode #4

The giant muscle master is back , taller , bigger and more ripped . Bow now , serve and obey the muscle mountain and you'll be rewarded ! Fail to do so and you'll get punished . Get the full video ( 10 mins ) and see how this will go down

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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Feeding The Belly #19 - Bloating 3 weeks out from a bodybuilding show

Hey guys , almost at #20 Episode , it's been one hell of a ride . I'm sorry for the long break between #18 and #19 episode but I am getting ready for a show , and I haven't done a carb up or a cheat day in a while now . I'm currently 3 weeks out and I just couldn't help it anymore , I missed the feeling of having my belly bloated , the feeling of being full and heavy , so that's how #19 episode came into filming . Get the full video now and see me ripped to shreads bloating my big beautiful belly and showing off for you , full video is 10 mins long , also make sure to check the Discounts and Paks buttons

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Pumped and ripped , shredded 4 weeks out checking and flexing

Hey guys , 4 weeks out , getting tighter and more ripped , staying full , these are my priorities right now . Everything's in place and on track . Check out the discounts and packs buttons

Showing off some gains !!!

Ripped muscles Crazy abs Flexing hairy

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Feeding the belly #18 - Bloating Outdoors

A nice change for the series , I changed the scenery . I wanted to do this outside , with people around , watching me eat and me trying to stuff myself as much as I can in public . Needless to say I loved doing it and I think I achieved my biggest bloat yet . This is what I ate : 2 Big Macs , 2 Mc Chicken , 4 large fries , 1 McSundae and 3 large sodas , all this in 1 sitting . In the full video you'll see me eating , showing off my huge belly in the McDonalds bathroom , on the street , walking , flexing , doing all that with my big round beautiful bloated belly . Enjoy !

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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Feeding the belly #17 - 6 kgs / 13 lbs Strawberries

I keep pushing my limits , and now the 6 kgs/ 13 lbs strawberries goes from that huge bowl to my big round beautiful belly . One of the most demanding videos so far , I will never eat strawberries again for months haha . I managed to fill my belly to a maximum full almost too full . Full video is 40 mins long , you can see me eat the strawberries and show off my belly , rub it and play with it .

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Sunday, May 10, 2015

Feeding the belly #16 Huge 5+lbs of pasta carbonara challenge - Record bloat

Welcome to Episode #16 of the Feeding the belly series , this is a really hard challenge for me since I had to eat a very large quantity of pasta contaning maybe 7000+ kcal . I did 1.5 kg ( 3.3lbs ) pasta , 900g ( 2lbs ) 12% fat cream and 500g ( 1.1 lbs ) bacon . After I finished cocking I was shocked how much food I was about to eat , I weighted over 5 lbs total , I put it in a big salad bowl and it was almost full , it looked monstrous lol . But thinking of the big belly I was about to have at the end of this epic meal I started to dig in . Get the full video and see how it all went down . 51 mins long . Eating , flexing , measuring before and after , rubbing the belly , oil up , close up

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Feeding the belly #15 - Birthday cake + BONUS

We made it to the #15 episode guys and it only gets better and better , so to celebrate the longevity of the series for this time I chose a birthday cake . I used 3 layers of leaf cake + 1 jar of 500g white chocolate + 1 jar of 500g black chocolate and a lot of whipped cream . Besides eating it like I figured out I will not get fully bloated to I added some more stuff , I felt like I needed some consistent , protein / meat foods so I ate some grilled meat that contains a lot of fat and after that I added a whole jar ( 720 g / 1.58 lbs ) of pitted cherries making this a big ass epic meal with an estimation of 8000+ kcal . A lot of showing off , rubbing and talking about the belly at the end. Get the full video ( 44 mins ) and see how it all went down .

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Feeding the Belly #14 - 2 KFC wing buckets challenge + Bloated Superman flexing show

Hey guys , this is a follow up of my #5 Feeding the belly episode where I ate 1 whole bucket , now I'm trying to top that and eat 2 , that's a whole lot of chicken wings . I bloated insane and also measured , washed down all those wings with some Cola and bloated even bigger , like a big balloon ready to burst

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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Feeding the belly #13 Episode - 10 Eclairs Challenge

13 Feeding the belly video just came out fresh and ready to go , just like the eclairs I ate for this video haha . This was a very very tasty challenge I accepted to do , I powered through them nicely I had 10 , guess how many I ate , did I eat them all or not ? Get the full video and see the biggest I've bloated so far . Full video 33 mins long HD Enjoy

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