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Monday, July 25, 2016

Feeding The Belly #31 - My height in Subway Sandwiches

My height in Subway sandwiches , that's something you don't see everyday lol . So 5 footlongs and a half , I'm 5'7 so that's the closest I could get to my exact height using Subway measure units . Big struggle I tell you , these things are damn tasty but sooo many calories in there , so many fats !!! I don't know for sure how many they could all have + the ice cream , beer and pop juice but I think it's about 5-6.000 kcal . I got a huge bloated had belly , pushed it to the max with all the pop from the beer and montain dew and of course I put on a show for you guys with burping , belly button play and belly rubs . 55 mins full HD , enjoy !!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Feeding The Belly #30 - Ice cream bloating at the pool

We're at #30 you guys ... what a journey it's been , it's been 4 years since I've done the 1st vid , and 3 since I've done the second . At some point I started to enjoy it more and more and they kept coming . Now I love doing this so much that I could bulk and film all day long every day , but sadly I'm a competitive bodybuilder still and I am almost year round on a diet more or less and I get to film only when I have a cheatday . So in this episode I train , I flex pumped and then I get downstairs at the pool and start carb backloading with ice cream , I eat as much as I can and to top if off , I add to the crazy sugar rush I already got , pitted sour cherries with tons of sugar . Then as you know , I show off my belly , I rub it , I get in the pool and flex with my belly bloated to the max . 30 mins HD , enjoy !!!!

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Sunday, June 26, 2016

Feeding The Belly #29 - Strength Feat / Leg Scissor vs 15 lbs Watermelon

Full video 28 mins HD
SPECIAL episode , not only is this an awesome feeding the belly video all in itself but I throw in a strength feat , a leg scissor on a 15 lbs watermelon . Call it a strength feat vid + a feed the belly bonus or the other way round , but never the less it turned out awesome and it's one of a kind . I also spice it up as you can see in the trailer , with some nice burping and some belly button play amongst other things , so get it and enjoy it !

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Friday, May 13, 2016

Feeding the belly #27 - 13 cakes / 6 lbs of sweets !!! HUGE BLOAT !!!

I'm trying to outdo myself all the time , getting bigger , stronger , making my belly bigger and so today I bring you the 27th episode of the feeding the belly series where I definitely go over the board and eat 13 cakes a total of almost 6 lbs , HUGEEE quantity of sugar for someone to eat in one go , even for me . Get the full video and see how I do against them , how I show off my bloated to the max belly and how I talk to you about it . Full video 45 mins long . Enjoy !

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Muscle Worship / Oil / Shirt Rip / JOff

Special video for today , here's a new version of me , tanned , more ripped , oiled up with body hair and with a bad ass mask . I'm pumping up , flexing and showing off , talking about what makes me special , my big strong pumped muscles with beautiful roundness and lines . I'm also doing a shirt rip , one of my training tank tops , was an idea that came on the spot since I haven't done that in a while now . After that you'll get to see that everything matches , my muscles match everything else ;) .And at the end a nice JO , with a nice big happy end ;) Get the 27 min full video and enjoy

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Feeding the belly #26 Episode - Huge Sandwich + 2 donuts

Huge sandwich , and I do mean huge , I am preparing it in front of the camera , you can count yourself the amount of stuff I put in it , it's crazy huge , never have I thought I could eat something as big , and to top it out I also ate 2 chocolate filled donuts and drank some Sprite , to make sure I go overboard with the bloating . Full video HD 58 mins long , I added some burping , flexing and belly show off before and after , you'll love it !!!

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Feeding the belly #25 Episode - Comparison

So this 25# episode of the series is a special one , I wanted to do something different from you guys so I asked a friend of mine to join me in the video , I want you to see the difference in size , shape and eating habits between me and a normal guy . Full video is 24 mins long and you'll see us eating , doing some comparisons , you'll see me showing off my big round beautiful belly and see how it all went down

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Huge Powerful Quads - Best of Youtube - Muscle Worship Domination Happy End ;)

You know guys that my best muscles are my quads , at least that's the consensus amongst people who give me feedback , and it's such shame that I haven't done a video showing maybe the best legs size and muscle shape wise that youtube can provide . But I put an end to that and I filmed for you one of my best vids to date which includes but is not limited to : awesome show off and flexing , cocky talk , domination , spandex tights , CK underwear , multiple angles , close ups and at some point it gets hot , like really REALLY hot in there so I took care of the problem ;) All ended with an awesome juicy happy end you'd love . Full vid 22 mins long
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Monday, January 18, 2016

Feeding the belly #24 - 3 foot long Subway sandwitches + 1 KFC chicken wings bucket + juice + donut

So in the #24 episode of the series I am devouring 3 footlong Subway delicious sandwitches , a 20 pieces hot wings KFC buket , 1 chocolate filled donut and a 2,5 l ( more than half of gallon ) bottle of Fanta , get the full 1h video and see how it all went down . All I can say is that at the end I was about to pop , huge bloat , my belly was all stretched out and it was looking incredible so I put on some oil to make it shiny and nice to compliment it's roundness , enjoy !!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Feeding the belly #22 - Big turkey + potatoes + bonus

Big turkey challenge for the #22 video of the Feeding the Belly series , and I hope to do many more in the future . I really pushed myself this time , this bird was a big challenge for me , a lot of meat , you'll see in the full video that its weight was 3.4 kg , meaning 7.5 lbs + ~2kg / 4lbs potatoes making my belly huge and round like we all like to see . Get the full vid and see how it went down , a lot of showing off at the end . Enjoy and don't forget to take advantage of the Paks and discounts from my blog . Download link below , also check the discounts and paks buttons above
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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Getting huge !!! Biggest I've ever been !! Worship my huge biceps !!!

Growing like crazy , eating like crazy !! Follow my progress , subscribe and check out my vids on my store and blog . Camshows and custom vids at the contacts below
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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Feeding the belly #21 - Huge Burger - Record Bloat !!! Get the full video

Episode #21 of the Feeding the belly series presents a really awesome belly stuffing with a huge burger I made myself , 4 lbs of food in one go , my belly ready to burst making it go above and beyond by drinking soda at the end , and boy was I bloated or what ? I messure in the full vid and you can see a record bloat , never has my belly been so beautiful and round , and bulging that much . Check out the full video and thank you for your support !!

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Feeding the belly #20 - SPECIAL CONTENT !!! Get the full video

So we're at episode #20 on the feeding the belly series , it's been one hell of a ride and I enjoyed every single video I made and I hope I can delight you in the future with at least as many new videos . My contest season is over , I'm so done with diet for this year and now I'm putting a lot of size on , bulking big time , I already gained 25 lbs in just a few days after the show and I will continue to add weight like crazy and eat like a savage haha , so as the offseason has started you're see more and more regular new episodes of the series , I'm stariving for 1 every week of 2 weeks , let's hope I can keep up . So in the video I'm bloating to my limit as you will see in the full version and in the end something I never did before in the series , some hot content is in stall and with a happy end :) I can't say more , I don't wanna ruin the surprise . 36 minutes of HD content !! Enjoy

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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Update - Ripped to shreads 1 week out showing off flexing

1 week out from my shopw , things look awesome I couldn't feel any better , I'm big , muscles and full and dry , haven't lost strength , I'm vascular and shredded , can't wait to hit the stage !!
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Muscle Giant Master - Episode #4

The giant muscle master is back , taller , bigger and more ripped . Bow now , serve and obey the muscle mountain and you'll be rewarded ! Fail to do so and you'll get punished . Get the full video ( 10 mins ) and see how this will go down

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